The Serpent's Throat

Royce grabbed Arthur’s hand and helped haul himself over the ledge into the cave. The stone walls were rough except for the elaborate tail of a snake carved into the rock, beginning at the entrance and disappearing into the cavern.

“Hand me a flashlight, Art.” Royce took the proffered tool and powered it on. The bright halogen bulb pierced the blackness and illuminated one of the most amazing things Royce had ever seen. A few yards into the cave, an enormous python’s head had been intricately carved out of the back wall, its jaws wide open and bristling with sharp stone teeth. A few feet to the left of the reptile’s visage, a waterfall spurted from the wall and collected in a large pool.

Royce approached the sculpture, awe writ large on his face. He admired the carving for several minutes before Arthur spoke up. “I think we have a problem, boss.” Arthur stood in the snake’s jaws, examining the back of its throat. He pushed against the wall as hard as he could with no result. “This thing is solid rock.”

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