Just Like Magic

The first time we cuddled was just like magic…

John and I were lying beside each other on my bed, after a huge Thanksgiving dinner, watching a horror movie. When the ending credits began to roll, I grabbed the remote and switched off the television. The room grew quiet as the magic of the movie faded away.

In the low lamplight I lay beside John, feeling his warmth next to me. Suddenly he pulled me close, but didn’t let me go this time. I rested my head on his chest, taking in his addictive scent and listening to his heart beat softly. I had never felt such warmth and comfort before. I felt so secure, ensconced in his arms, wrapped in his warmth.

I tilted my face up toward his and whispered I love you into his ear. Then I kissed him softly on the lips, before settling my head back on his chest. I wished the moment could go on forever. We fell silent for a long while, listening to each other’s rhythmic breathing, soaking in as much feeling from the moment as possible.

Pure bliss…

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