Renewal 14

I got up to pay for my check after finishing my meal in this sleepy diner along what could have been an idealistic Route 66 highway watering hole. The carpet was old and soiled but the rustic charm of the old booths and bar stools made me feel some solace in the fact that I was going to die. I’d been driving for so long the thought had barely had time to cross my mind. But there it was.

“14.24 please.”

I was back to reality and out of my head. I paid and smiled at the cashier before turning and bumping into someone behind me.

“I’m so sorry!” I had knocked change out of the womans hand and immediately bent down to get it. I wasn’t even sure it was a woman. CC had trained me to quickly assist in any activity she needed help with. I had gotten very good at it.

I looked at the shoes and noticed some very sexy heels…on a very large foot. I was surprised that any woman had fit her foot in such a shoe with a foot so wide. As I rose back up to return the change I noticed very athletic calves.

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