Renewal 15

Ok that makes sense, she’s a runner I continued following her legs but my view was abruptly cut off by a long skirt and a Oh my GOD! A LUMP!

I quickly threw my body back into position and handed this…“woman” her change. With a gruff and raspy voice she politely thanked me in the best impression of Barry Manilow I’d ever heard.

I turned around and rushed to the door off to my car. I paused for a moment wishing I really had stolen that M3. This piece of shit was really starting to depress me every time I walk to it. I hopped in my car and regained my composure when there was a knock at my window.

Fuck. If this is that thing again, I’m going to be in trouble

I looked up. It wasn’t. It was her, the girl from the diner, the reader. I was so surprised I started talking and forgot to roll down the window.

“You can roll down the window, I’m just returning your jacket. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Please tie me up and hurt me.

“Oh good, I didn’t mean to be rude. Can I help you with something?”

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