Unexpected Answer

“What was that?” Austin is quick to ask. I look at my phone and make sure the “end” button is clicked, sorry Shay.

“Uh, I must’ve answered her call with speaker by accident,” I make up.

“I didn’t hear it ring,” Austin says suspiciously.

“It’s on silent. Will you look at the time? I’ve got to go!” I say quickly. I grab my phone and head to the door of his bedroom. Austin lets me pass by him and I know he’s angry at me. I leave out the front door and walk down the driveway, uncertain if I want to walk all the way home. I dial Shay’s number.

“Gabe! What happened?”

“He heard you. I accidently put you on speaker. Whatever. But I need a ride, mind helping me out. I know you’re in a slump and everything, but…”

“Sure. I’ll be right out. Is Austin mad at you?”

“I don’t know, I guess—” I hear my name being called behind me. I turn around, half expecting it to be someone else, but it’s Austin. He walks down next to me, “I’ll tell you in the car.”

“Gabe. I don’t want you to go,” Austin says.

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