Double Take

I jump in the car and back out of the driveway, glad to have something to take my mind off…things. And I’m worried about Gabe. And guilty that it was my voice that interrupted what should have been his moment with Austin… whatever it might have been. After reaching the end of my street, I realize I have no idea where it is I’m supposed to be going. A car behind me honks vociferously, pissed that I don’t have my directional on and I’m not turning, even though traffic is nonexistent.

With a shrug, I decide to go left. With nothing to do but wonder how the hell I’m gonna find Gabe without calling and interrupting him again, I resort to turning on the radio and switching the station to country. Feeling suddenly rebellious, I crank the volume and roll down the window while I jam. I’m so distracted by the music that I almost don’t notice the person in the car to my left at the intersection until it’s too late. Jane is staring at me, smiling and nodding her head to my music. I do a double take.

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