A Note To The Bomb Squad

If you are reading this, then I am dead.

You will be dead too if you do not do exactly as this note says.

Inside a small wooden box you see on the desk to your left is a remote control that will access my instructions for defusing the timer of the dirty bomb" I have activated. They are on a DVD that you will find in a hidden compartment of the box.

Good luck finding that. You didn’t think I would make it easy did you?

Once you retrieve the DVD, place it in the player on top of the TV you see in this room.

Listen carefully to the DVD instructions because you must do exactly the opposite of what you are told if you want to defuse the bomb.

If you successfully defuse the bomb’s timer, per instructions, you still must deactivate the mercury switches on the detonator. They are sensitive, so don’t move it any more than absolutely necessary.

Lastly, don’t judge me too harshly for my actions this day. I, am after all, clinically insane.

Good luck with the defusing. I hope not to see you in Hell.

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