Mind Over Matter

Royce and Arthur placed their backs against the cave wall. “On three,” Royce commanded. “One, two, three.” They planted their feet and pushed with all their might. The rock didn’t budge so much as a millimeter. The two men slid down to sit on the floor.

“Alright, let’s think for a second,” Royce suggested. He removed his journal and opened it once more to the bookmarked page. “The temple engravings said to ‘enter through the throat of the thirsty serpent.’ I think we’re both in agreement that we’re in the right place, yes?” Art nodded. “Yeah, I don’t think they’d carve a random python into the rock either. Unless it’s a decoy…”

“You think they’d make such an elaborate fake?”

“I dunno. Maybe.”

Royce placed his hands on the ground to push himself up. As soon as he touched the surface, he felt a cool breeze caress his skin. He looked down to see a four inch hole in the rock where the floor met the wall.

“The thirsty serpent…” Royce snapped his fingers. “Art, get the tarp out! I know how to get in!”

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