When Worlds Collide 13

“Ladies, go get into the showers. There is no way we can share a place with these,” She said looking over at the boys, “hooligans.”
I set my stuff down by the doors and grabbed my clothes. After I changed I came back out and saw that my stuff was missing. I looked everywhere. I went over by the stairs leading to the second floor and saw the school bully, Tyrone, going through my bag.
“Nice drawings, loser.” He said.
“Give me my stuff.” I growled. “Why should I?”
Give her, her stuff Tyrone.” I turned to see Parker standing next to me protectively.
“Make me.” He sneered.
Tyrone stood up and walked over to Parker. The stepped closer to each other until they were an inch apart. “Give her, her things.”
“I said make me.” Tyrone glared up at Parker, since he was three inches shorter than Parker.
Out of nowhere Parker balled his hand into a fist and punched Tyrone in the mouth.
“I could have handled that on my own.” I said when Parker handed me my things.
“Thank you would have worked.” He teased.

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