Day 40: Friendship By Various Authors

February 9th

“I read them.”

“Read what?” Robin asked.

“The books that I needed to study up on.”

“Kat about th—”

“I read them all. Now let me just say that you know better then to give me a sad story about a dog.” I said holding up Because of Winn Dixie, “But I understand why you recommended the book to me, however I better not be the big, ugly dog in this friendship.”

I saw a smile start to spread across his face.

“I didn’t quite understand why you recommend a Separate Peace though to me because the guy pushes his best friend out of a tree an I don’t know how that defines a good friendship, and the Outsiders—”

“How did you finish all these books?”

“Oh I didn’t sleep. But I’m going to try harder to not suck so much at being a friend. I swear I won’t disappear again.” I said.

“Kat you don’t suck—”

“No you needed me and I wasn’t there to listen. Now what did you need to say.”

“Well I just wanted to talk abou—”

“Hey Baby!” Lacy said coming over and kissing Robin on the lips.

My face went white.

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