Talks With Violet ~2~

“How are you today Violet.”

Violet stared at the floor, unresponsive.


Her head snapped up and she stared at Dr. Alan, giving him her full attention.

“How are you today Violet?” He repeated.

“Violet’s not coming today.” She said.

“Then who, may I ask, are you?”

“Cara.” Violet replied.

“Could I ask why Violet won’t be joining us today?”

“She’s trying to find some friends.”

“Has she been successful?”

“No everyone just dismisses her off as another mental case, no one wants to be my—I mean her friend.” Violet replied.

“What makes Violet think this?” He continued.

“She sees it in their eyes. They either take pity on her or totally ignore her.”

“Will you tell Violet something for me Cara?”


“Tell her that if people can’t see what a truly amazing person she really is, then they aren’t worth her time. That one day she will find a group of people that will accept her.”

“Violet wants to know when that day will come.”

“Soon.” Dr. Alan answered.

“Meaning never,” she whispered.

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