Repentance - Part IV

“Good,” Gabriel looked smug as he smiled. “Stay close by, I’ll contact you with more details soon.”

Soon to Gabriel meant, “As soon as we can be sure you can be trusted, we’ll let you do your thing.” Jacob knew this is how they work, redundancy after redundancy.

“Fine,” Jacob said defeated. Gabriel ignored him and walked towards the church doors. With the quick movement of his hands the doors swung open and instantly the storm stopped. Gabriel began to glow brighter than the sun as he stood in the doorway. Suddenly he vanished closing the doors behind him.

Jacob exhaled and ran his hand through his thick blonde hair.

“The prick gone?” A voice hiding behind the altar made Jacob turn around. Another priest stepped out from behind a column and walked across the platform. He jumped down the 4 steps to the ground then stopped.

“Yeah, he’s gone.”

“Did you tell him anything?” The priest asked incredulously.


“Good,” the priest smiled. “Michael’s downstairs, why don’t you two have a little chat.”

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