When Worlds Collide 14

“I don’t need help.” I said. “I’m a big girl who can fight on her own.”
“Then prove it.” He challenged. “Ok, when and where?” I said accepting his offer.
He just started laughing. “Do you honestly think I would fight a girl?!” He laughed. “I’m guessing no, since you said that.” I chuckled. “I’m sorry. I guess I should have thanked you.”
“Yes. You should have.” He smiled at me. “You’re lucky your pretty or I would be very angry that you hadn’t.”
I blushed, “Thanks.”
The bell rang and I ran to my next class, biology.
I stopped at my locker and got my book then ran to the other side of the high school. I barely made it.
“Class, sit down and take out your notes from yesterday.” Mr. Douglas said monotone. I grabbed out my notebook, a note fell to my feet at my biology lab table. I bent down and grabbed it.
_Don’t think that your boyfriend punching me will stop me. Your life is going to be pure agony when I get through with you. _
I rolled my eyes and threw the note away.

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