When Worlds Collide 15

Biology was as boring as ever, we had to watch a stupid movie. I fell asleep halfway through the movie.
The rest of the day went by with nothing interesting. That was until health. You know how schools have those stupid baby projects, well ours does too. “Class you will be getting your babies today. Girls pick from the pink box, boy pick from the blue box.” I walked up at the front of the class and dreadfully picked a name from the box. Too bad there weren’t any names left. “Um teacher. There aren’t any names left.” “Oh, silly me. I forgot to add our newest student. You can work with Parker.” I grimaced. I went and sat down next to Parker, “This should be fun.” I said sarcastically. The teacher passed out the babies.
“Check to see what it is.” I commanded when she gave us our baby. “Ok.” He said looking in the diaper. “It’s a boy.”

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