Desk #12 Tyler Harris

I felt a slump coming on. Just one of those ‘Do nothing’ moods.

“Timothy Brooks!”

I shot upright. I suddenly found the idea that my life had no meaning appear in my head. I dismissed it. I had skill and ability and I had Ben, Randy and Tim. I was the talent of the class; I could ride a skateboard, and play the guitar and drums. I was known for the time I grinded down the banister of the steps in the tower block. That had got me detention and 2,000,000 hits on Youtube.

But I was missing something. My eyes suddenly fell on Kristin. She sat right across the classroom. Then I saw her turn and glare at Tim and I felt she was too into her education. I don’t know if Tim would like me dating her. My gaze then fell on Liz. I’d never seen how beautiful she was before. An eggy window normally blocks out the beauty of her flowing locks. I saw her pick up the paper. Tim wouldn’t like me dating her either.

But he’s the coolest for merely basketball. I am so much more than him.

I was resolved, I loved Elizabeth.

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