Good Bye Humanity

Some said that the earth would end in fire. Others said ice. Well they were wrong! The earth ended with a plague. A sickness that was created by the goverment. They tried to hide it from the public, but one day one of the infected escaped.
He escaped and then he bit some poor helpless woman. Then she became infected with the disease too. Then she bit someone too. Soon all of the USA was infected.
The borders were closed, but somehow the plague swept through Canada and Mexico. Then an infected person got on a boat that went to Europe, and then soon all of the world was infected.
There’s only one safe place left. For the time at least. We don’t know how much longer we have until the disease comes here. When it does come here, there wont be any healthy person left. We are the only survivors.
We safe in Antartica. For now.

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