Hot Summer Sun

The summer sun was hot against my back. But thankfully the ground was cool on my bare feet. I was glad that my clothes were summer clothes.
“It sure is hot today,” Kathy said.
“Yeah. Worse then yesterday,” I replied. Then I picked up my full basket, and walked over to Tim.
“Hey there Elia. I thought you were working in the house today,” Tim asked as he took my basket.
“Nope. I was told to work in the fields today. I’m going to the house tomorrow,” I told him. He took the cotton out of my basket, and put it in the big pile behind him. Then he turned around smiling, and gave me my basket.
“Well, I’ll be seeing you again then,” Tim said, and waved as I left. Then I went back to the fields and began to pick more cotton. Just like every summer.

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