Twisted Love

She sat on her window sill staring at the note he left her.
I’m sorry I had to do this, you know I love you but things just aren’t going to work out.
The hot tears streamed down her pale white skin. Her vision blurred as she stared at the full moon above her. “Why me?” She whispered to the moon. “He said it didn’t bother him.” the bedroom’s door handle wiggled as someone tried entering her locked room. “Amanda!” her mother screamed. “Open this door.” Amanda quickly wiped the tears onto her dress sleeve and walked across the room to her door.
“Young lady.” Her mother started. “Young lady, you are royalty, you cannot be doing this everytime your stupid servants leave you.” “Your wedding is in a few years now start getting to know you future husband.” She grabbed Amanda by her arm and dragged her down the long halls and down three flights of stairs to the grand ballroom where her fiance awaited her. Antonio was the prince of Italy and a big jerk.

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