Quenching The Thirst

Royce and Arthur held the tarp between them and eased it under the small waterfall. As the water flowed over the tarp onto the ground, it became obvious that the floor’s surface was angled toward the back of the cave, forcing the water directly into the hole at the base of the snake’s throat.

After they had stood there for several minutes, they became aware of a low rumbling from deep beneath the surface. It gradually grew to a roar that reverberated in their boots. Royce and Arthur stared in amazement as the stone wall in the back of the serpent’s throat slid slowly up into the ceiling.

“Amazing!” Royce yelled, scooping up the flashlight. He shined it into the opening, revealing a stone staircase spiraling down into the earth. As the light swept the stairs, something glimmered a few steps down. Royce took the stairs two at a time and picked up the coin.


Royce admired the coin lovingly in the beam of his flashlight as Arthur looked over his shoulder. “Let’s hope there’s more where this came from.”

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