Midnight rendezvous

The amount of blood didn’t shock him, but the man who appeared out of thin air before him, did.
“So, you actually performed a proper Black Mass human sacrifice” grinned the stranger. “Isn’t that wonderful?”
“I .. didn’t think it work” said the man, dropping the blade to the ground.
“For most people, it wouldn’t have. You’re a special case.” His grin had far too many teeth.
“Yes, but.. now I know it’s true!” cried the man. “It’s all true! God, Satan, the Bible, all of it!” He was jabbering now, his mind teetering on the edge of complete madness.
“Well…” sighed the stranger. “Bits of it are, yes. More or less. I’ll give you that.”
“I’ll confess!” cried the human. “Repent! And then-”
“Then what? Tell the world that you’ve met a demon? They’ll put you away.”
The human visibly sagged.
“But it’s all true… I need to make people believe!”
The stranger laughed, a deep booming laugh from such a slight frame.
“You can try, but it won’t matter. They all thought you were a believer anyway, your Holiness.”

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