The Seamstress (detective / twilight zone challenge)

“I saw you coming” she said. Keen couldn’t see anything in the dark little room but he heard the gun hammer being drawn back.
“Yesterday, I saw you coming here today… with my new eyes.”
He’d definitely found the right the place, Keen was certain about that.
“Why sit here? In the dark?” he gasped around his broken ribs.
“Is it dark?” she wondered. “I see so much light.” And then her voice broke. “I can’t not see the light! I haven’t been able to sleep in days!”
“The eye wasn’t meant for you,” Keen explained.
He shuffled forward, guided by her voice.
“You don’t want to shoot me,” said Keen. “Give me the eyes. Let me turn out the lights.”
“I just wanted to see again.” Her voice was quieter now, but it hadn’t moved as far as Keen could tell. “Working with the needles, all those years… I missed the colours. I missed.. purple the most, I think.”
She was surely within arms reach now, but still Keen couldn’t see her. He reached out, and his hand touched something. Suddenly there was a blinding light.

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