Controversial Challenge (Abortion)

As he hung up the image, the doctor gave her the bad news.
“It’s just here. Can you see it near the ovaries?”

“My life is over,” she muttered. She couldn’t believe that such a small group of cells would mean the end of everything.

“Not necessarily,” said the Doctor. “You got here in time. There are options.”

“What’s going to happen to me?”

“Well, it will continue to grow” said the Doctor. “It will double in size every two weeks or so. You’ll get frequently sick, if you haven’t started to already. Your body will be co-opted to serve its needs, to the detriment of your own.”

“Oh my god. Like some sort of parasite.”

He nodded. “Essentially, yes.”

He reached out to her and took her by the hand. “Obviously, given the circumstances, I’d recommend surgery to remove it immediately.”

“But I can’t, Doctor! It’s against my religion.” The girls tears came now.

He was confused. “This isn’t a baby. It’s a Teratoma. And if we don’t remove it, it will kill you.”

“I know,” she said “But I’m a Jehovah’s Witness.”

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