The Wisps Part 5

It was a dark and dreary night. Rain pounded on the dark street below the balcony of my apartment. Lights flickered in a few of the shops and houses along the street. I looked to the clock on my nightstand; it was already two thirty in the morning. I sighed, my task had been given and my choice had been made. Now I waited silently as the storm brewing in the heavens slowly grew stronger.
The minutes ticked slowly by. In half an hour I would bring my doom upon myself. Fear flowed through my veins; I jumped at every crash of thunder, every flash of lightning.
The bells in the church tower began to toll three. I slowly climbed from my bed, a strange calm replacing the fear. I donned black pants, a black shirt, cap and gloves. I slipped on rain boots and a rain jacket. It was finally time. Time to find the man of shadows. The man who haunted my days and tormented my nights.
I opened the door into the pouring rain. The timed had come to take back what he had stolen even if it meant my demise.

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