You Don't Always Need Protection

“I’m telling you, it’s gonna make you feel great!”

He was standing there, smiling at me like he was a child, who had just been given a gift on Christmas morning. He was so hard to resist when he was this way, so innocent looking, even though I knew the devilish gleam that hid beneath his glances. But as my eyes peered outside, all I could see was the blustery rain and thunder.

“I don’t have an umbrella.” it was a protest, but a weak one. And I could tell that I was not exactly winning it.

“I’ll protect you from the rain,” he teased. his voice brushed against my ear like a feather, and it made me shudder. So it didn’t surprise me at all when we ended up outdoors, playing in large raindrops.

His kisses soothed me. His body covered me. I melted into him. You don’t always need protection, but it was sure nice to have every once in a while.

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