The lengths we go to...

Night time. Or it could have been day. Noone can tell down here.

A scuttling sound. His grip tightened on the pommel of his sword.

He turned swiftly on one foot. The blade hissed through the air. Three goblin heads rolled, their green bodies bouncing off his golden pauldrons.

He retreated into the room. Grab and run time. He made his move. Spinning on his heel, he darted back into the room and flung himself into the air. His body passed over the plinth and one expertly trained hand shot down and took the bag. He landed deftly in a crouch and felt the splinters from the shattering spear booby-trap system behind him. Time to get out.

Definitely daytime now. Back at the house.

An elderly women sits by the table. “Did you get it, dear?”


“That’s nice, love.” She returns to her converstion. “The length these plumber’s will go to for a simple replacement pipe. Thankyou, Bob.”

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