The clue they never found...

The tension ran thick in the air.

As they went about their individual enquiries I knew they’d discover me. It was too obvious.

Mustard wouldn’t get it. His ability came from torture. Frightening the suspect into confessing. Scarlet, she wouldn’t get it either. She would try and seduce the information from her peers, but they were all as clueless as she was. Green would play the eternal damnation card to try and get confessions. That wouldn’t work. Peacock would look through formal statements and alibis. They would all check out. Plum might get it. He might elect to examine the body. Only then. White would proceed to make sandwhiches. That was her area of expertise.

As the day unravelled, I became increasingly amazed. They weren’t going to get it.


A detective inspector arrived and examined the body. On Black’s back, a nail was driven into his body, with a note attatched.

Greetings. My name is Osama BinLilac, and I killed Mr. Black.

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