Pounds and Ounces

There wasn’t a big red FAIL across the screen but the two pilots knew that’s what had happened. Everything had gone wrong, one thing after another. It should have been a routine flight, then the electronic gauges went, then it was one engine, then the other; a full systems failure.
Plane crashed, everyone dead.

They were lucky it had just been a simulation. A worker walked up with a glum smile on his face, ushering them out of the area. “Better luck next time guys.”

One of the would-be pilots wheeled round and pointed back at the pod. “That was ridiculous! No way that would happen. Piece of-”

The second chimed in, more resigned. “Just fell outta the sky, no one could have landed that.”

The official shook his head, “It did happen. New european plane, and some idiots couldn’t convert kilograms to pounds, hardly a drop in the tank. Damned near miraculous: pilot sets down middle of nowhere, everyone safe.”

The first trainee whistled, long and low, in wonderment.
The other whispered an echo, “everyone safe.”

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