LotR Story - 1

Helm’s Deep. The deeping wall has been breached and everybody was desperate. Legolas nocked an arrow in his bow. He released and an Uruk fell.

Odd. Aragorn and Gimli have wandered off. I wonder…

He focused on his ears.

“Toss me.”
“I’ll never jump that far, you’ll have to toss me.”
“Ok, then.”
“Wait! Don’t tell the elf!”

Legolas chuckled. The dwarf would never live this down.
Then he became determined. He would turn the tide of the battle. He prepared an arrow and sought for the Uruk leader. But he wasn’t on the rock anymore. Legolas had to tell Theoden. He ran swiftly towards the Hornburg. That uruk could be anywhere. Not even the fair Galadriel could scree what Saruman had in store for them. Theoden must be warned. But then…

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