A Quiet Start to a Quiet War

Another young man walked into the cafe. This one was clean-cut, dressed in a crisp suit, looking for all the world like an entrepreneur or a Wall Street stock broker. It was his eyes that gave it all away. They were a shimmering blue that seemed to strike through one’s soul with just a glance.

He approached the elderly gentleman, keeping those merciless eyes fixed on Lucifer. He whispered into God’s ear.

God set down his teacup.

“You’re assembling an army,” he said flatly.

“When am I not?” Lucifer joked. “You’re a fool to think I wouldn’t be preparing myself.”

“Preparing yourself for what?”

“The Armageddon that you will no doubt unleash at any second!” Lucifer yelled, a coy smirk still gracing his face.

God glanced up and nodded at the young businessman, who quickly turned and exited the cafe.

“Is your boy-toy off to prepare your forces for an advance?” The fallen angel’s eyes danced with anticipation.

“Gabriel will prepare my angels to defend, not to conquer,” God corrected.

“Pity,” Lucifer sighed.

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