The saga of Pallylightex

A hero was born. Pally had stepped into our lives. We had needed a new member to induct into our order. We didn’t need another paladin. It wasn’t necessary. But Vangord had insisted. We were a team of four death knights and a paladin. He deserved someone he could relate to.

Changes were to be made. A sixth member meant we couldn’t walk in arrowhead formation. The class was no issue. I had worked with many different people. Druids, Magi, Shamans. All the same.

Fallos and Cheeno would come when I sent for them. For now, it was down to me, Necro and Van to train him.

I trotted into the office. “Hey, Hawk.”
“Hey, Van, who’s the new boy?”
“Hawk, Necro, this is Pallylightex. He’s a friend.”
“Ok, let’s see what comes up.”

At that moment, a hawk flew into the room. He changed into a bird and handed me a scroll. “Message from Highlord Fordring. It’s urgent.” With that, he left our sight.
I perused the scroll. “Argent Tournament… Trial of the Champion… Ok, Pally. Seems we got a call-out.”

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