The fall of Minnelix

And so, Pally’s training continued. He got into his stride, seeking out missions, call-outs, quests. I started to notice the change in his character. Surrepetitiously, I sent for the reinforcements. I wanted to see how this plays out.

Pally burst through the doors. “OK, guys, I got us one. Ulduar, bash a few titans. It’s a big job, nothing we can’t handle though. We should get going.”
“Ok, it was cute at first, Pally,” I intervened, “But I get the final say on this, not you. I determine what call-outs to take. You lack experience. Sit down.”
He chuckled eerily. “Ha! Why should we listen to you? You’re an alien freak. Right, guys?”
That got me angry. I glared him down, ready for things to kick off. Necrostrike quickly intervened. “Hawk, let’s pretend that didn’t happen. Pally, apologise.”
“Pally? Pa! That fool exists no longer! I am MINNELIX!” He drew his word and readied his shield.
With that, Blugert, Klodrick, Fallos and Cheeno burst into the room.
I steeped forward. “Get out!” I spat.

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