A Day You Would Not Believe

You will never believe what happened to me today, dear reader. I was driving down the expressway when all of a sudden the front right tire gave out with a deafening boom. You can understand that I was caught quite by surprise, and I only barely managed to keep my car on the road as it tried to jerk me down an embankment to my demise.

Having successfully pulled my automobile to the side of the road, I opened my door in order to proceed outside to investigate. No sooner had I done so, dear reader, than another vehicle, driving at incredible speed, impacted my door and sent it skittering down the asphalt surface. You should know that by this point my heart was about to burst from my chest, and my breath came only in shallow gasps.

After looking carefully out the rear window to make sure no more wayward cars were aimed in my direction, I cautiously removed myself from my vehicle. You can only imagine my utter astonishment when, for no reason apparent to myself, my car exploded in a most extraordinary fashion.

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