The Oyster

A little oyster laid, alone on the beach. His hard shells, covered with uneven bumps and and unslightly grooves, made children never want to take him home.

In a way this made sense, because on the outside this oyster acted as cold and cruel as his outer layer appeared. He treated everyone with disrespect and seemed to hate everything, especially love and any other feelings similar to that.

But underneath his rough shell the oyster had a soft blubbery interior. He secretly would cry from any sort of sad tale and worst of all, would cry and worry that no one would want or love such a creature as an ugly oyster.

And the saddest part was that inside, the oyster had a beautiful sweet pearl of a heart. He would’ve wanted to give it away to anyone in a heartbeat, but unfortunetly for his hard, cruel, exterior no one wanted to get close enough to the lonely oyster to get to know him.

So, saddened by it all, the oyster threw himself back into the ocean, hoping to find himself somewhere where someone will love him.

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