Key Witness

My eyes opened.
Pure, pitch darkness.
I found myself unconsciously holding my breath and as my lungs screamed for air, I took in a sharp gulp, tasting the dirt and dust.
There were no sounds but that of my gasps for air. There was no light. There was no comforting voices to tell me that everything was going to be alright.
No birds chirping.
No dogs in fits of barking.
No sirens.
Only the darkness.
I was determined to let my hands be my eyes, but found that they too, were blind. Tried as I could, my arms, hands and legs did not obey. I lay inert, alone in nothingness.
I was supposed to be in court today.
To testify. My testimony was crucial to the procecution’s case. We’d put them away forever.
I met the lawyer. Had a drink, and…
And woke up here. In the darkness.
There came a moment of disbelief, and then terror.
Clausterphobia got the best of me as I SCREAMED FOR HELP!
But it only came out as a whisper, as the air grew more and more thin.
I tried again,
“Help!?” it was but as peep.
Buried alive.

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