The Mark (3)

Shane spread the contents of the envelope out on the floor and delved into the life that was William Bledsoe. According to a newspaper article, he was a prominent CPA with some very high-level clients, including the mayor himself, it would seem, given the several photographs of the two outside City Hall, the local country club, and various luxury automobiles. Another rich asshole who had stepped on the wrong person’s toes.

Shane enjoyed jobs where the target was a wealthy aristocrat. They always felt like they were invincible, as if their money had bought them immortality. Most of them didn’t live long enough to realize the inaccuracy of this perception.

Sure, he occasionally enjoyed executing a hit up close and personal, but it was safer to do it from a distance. That was one reason he had never been caught and why he was on the Most Wanted list in nine countries. He never got within fifty yards of a mark, if possible, unless it was explicitly laid out in the contract. This was not one of those contracts.

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