Night Flight

Falina made a loud whipser,
“Wait, Tanin, not yet. No!”
“Aw, come on, Falina,” his little hands clapped, and his wings were aflutter, “I can’t wait. What’s with a little sunshine?”
“Oh no, we cannot!” Falina’s blonde locks flowed over her shoulder as she shook her head, “We get our magic from the moon and stars, and besides, the orcses and grenlocks will come out and surely eat us whole,”
Tanin’s face pinched, “That COULD be interesting”
“But not fun,” frowned Falina.
“No no.. not fun, but interesting,” Tanin nodded, and then brightened as the last remnant of daylight sunk over the horizon, and purple haze of twilight fell over the land. Almost without containing himself, he dove out of the trees, and let his pixie wings carry him on a gust of air.
“Tanin, wait!” Falina dove after him, coming up along side, “You must wait for me,”
“You are not my mum, Falina,”
“No but I do care for you, so, Tanin, and I’d hate to see you lost!” Falina swooped below him, and floated on the summer breeze smiling; feeling free!

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