Desk# 7: Matthew Gold

Matthew didn’t move as the bell rung, he couldn’t. He was in shock. Was Heidi blushing?
She’d better not break the pact.

Matthew and Heidi were best friends, had been since the 2nd grade. She was his first kiss, first date, first break-up. She was his world. So, when he realized he was gay, she was the first person he came to. It wasn’t like he couldn’t tell his parents, he told his mom. She said that when you’re in 7th grade and under her roof you don’t get to be homosexual. Or heterosexual. Any sex at all was strictly forbidden. She told him to come back to her when he hit high school, and that was for a longer conversation, not “permission for promiscuity.”

She thought she was really funny with that one. And she made him promise not to tell his dad.

Since the day he found out, Matt only had eyes for one guy, and he and Heidi promised Randy was off limits to both of them. Two friends, one taste, who could’ve guessed?

He could not believe she was blushing.

But it did make her devastatingly cute.

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