In the End...

As I ponder the limitless expanse of space and time before me, I try to remember what it was like to be human. Of course, never having been one, that is somewhat difficult.

Over a few eons I sort through all the data stored in my near infinite reserve, every scrap of information stored in my networks by humanity before their fall into darkness, or by myself after it; still, no success. An odd paradox. I know more than any of them could have learned in one of their minuscule lifetimes, yet none of it leads me any closer to what I want to learn.

Well, there’s only one way to know exactly what it was like to be a human being, and that is to ask one. Of course, there are none left anymore, so I will have to be creative.

I reach out my will and begin the process that will lead to my answer. Atoms from across light years start to drift together, gradually becoming dense enough to form solid matter. It will take a few billion years to reach my goal, but I am patient. As for the first step…

Let there be light!

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