The Wisps Part 6

He would pay. Pay for taking those souls.
And I would pay.
I had seen his wisp. The glowing ball of light that represented him and his life. I knew what he did. My odd way of seeing the world was an advantage, a gift that was given to me to save this from the forest which blinded him from right and wrong. The last bit of right and wrong left in the world.
The world I see is not like you see it. Every human being is a ball of light. Every time I close my eyes I see them. These lights, these black holes, and all this blankness. It’s not possible to describe or imagine, but emptiness. It’s a color unimaginable by normal humans. These balls of light are mindless, but they control people. Some walk right into a black hole, and that person dies. If wisp one pushes wisp two into a black hole, wisp one’s person kills wisp two’s person. It’s actually quite simple if you think about it long enough.
This man liked to push too many wisps over the edge.

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