02 twenty-four (part 1)

‘Marry me.’

Addison blinked. It was an order, not a question.

She fought the urge to giggle at his forthrightness.
‘Oh, Scott,’ she said, grinning at her boyfriend’s somewhat blushing face.

Scott grunted, looking down at her face, the beautiful face of his girlfriend of a year.
His grip on her hand tightened, his eyes narrowing irritably.

‘Addison,’ he growled impatiently.

‘You’re so cute.’ She grinned when his brow twitched in annoyance.
His eyes darkened as he glared at her as if to threaten her to say what he longed to hear.


‘Why not?’ he snapped, pulling her closer. Addison smiled.

She took steps backward until his hands left her face and hand. ‘I will marry you…if—’ Scott glared at her dangerously. ‘…you accept my challenge.’
He raised an eyebrow.

‘Live a day without me.’

Scott’s face darkened. ‘No way—’

‘A day without communication between us for 24 hours.’


“You can only talk to me after 24 hours.’


‘And I promise, I will marry you if you pass the challenge.’



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