What I Wish Would Happen (Part III: Wow)

“So you’re basically saying that I… I’m your fallback. Your plan B. Your second choice.” The words spill out of my mouth and swirl in the open air between us. I wish they didn’t sound so bitter. I wish I could pull them back.
She is silent for a minute. “Well, when you say it like that… I guess…” She looks uncomfortable suddenly. “I’m sorry. I guess I should leave.”
“No, wait,” I say quickly. She stops and looks back at me. “…Can I try something first?” Neither of us move for a moment, and then I step closer to her. Our eyes are locked. I reach out and touch her hair. My fingers run down the side of her face and then down her neck. She shivers slightly and I feel a growing anticipation in my gut. My breathing is extra loud. All my organs are on red alert. With my right hand on the back of her neck, and my left stroking her cheek, I lean in and brush my lips against hers. Only for a moment, then I pull away.
“Wow…” she whispers, her eyes closed. “You’re really serious about this.”

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