Lost And Found (Challenge)

He stood up from the table, grabbed a handful of hair, and tore it out.
While shuffling around the room he stared at the innocent faces of his students.
“Who…” he started, sending shivers down their spines, “threw… the… fucking airplane?”
He was speaking through his teeth now.
“Tell me who threw it, or I’m going to lose my mind!” He kicked a trash can across the room, narrowly missing a student.
Pulling another tuft of hair from his already thinning scalp, he trembled.
“You!” he pointed to Darcy, she was a cheerleader. “It was you, you little ho-”
Darcy’s boyfriend stopped him, “Hey, don’t talk to her like that.”
“Wow, jock!” the teacher turned, “a full sentence, your mother must be proud.”
“My mother’s dead.”
“Oh, let’s all stop and sob!”
That’s when "Jock " threw his first punch.
The man dropped the shovel on the ground.
Twenty miles away, someone was making an important discovery.
The scientist gleamed, proud.
“Igor, Our creation can finally come to life!”
He lifted the brain in glory.

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