Candid Camera

Take a snapshot of your life.
Are you happy?
Or in strife?

What’s going right?
What’s going wrong?
It’s these simple questions
Which move us along.

No problems in sight!
You made at least one choice right,
And you’re smile has never been so bright.

O, so you have regrets?
Is it anything you can forget?
Don’t worry so much -
For you’re not dead yet.

Is it too late?
Do you feel a burdening weight?
Well, it’s time to embark on a
Repaired slate.

Pictures will fade,
But memories will last.
You can push on.
The worst is in the past.

Push past the barriers.
Break down those walls.
This is your life – you don’t deserve
To be the one who constantly falls.

Stare into the eyes of the ones whom
Make you golden.
Thank them for your shine
And continue to hold them.

A life without love
Is the saddest photo to take.
So gather the faces that belong in your life
And continue to keep them awake.

You’ll soon come to find that
The next snapshot you assess
Will capture candid moments
Of hopeful progress.

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