What I Wish Would Happen (Part V: You Are Everything)

An alarm bell is clanging somewhere in my head. I ignore it. It continues to blare. She doesn’t really love you. You’re just second best. I am reluctant to react. It takes all the self-control I possess to tear myself away from her.
“What is it?” she asks. “What’s wrong?”
“What about her? Sam?”
Her eyebrows furrow and she frowns at me. “…Who?” She looks genuinely puzzled.
We are both silent while I let her words sink in. Finally, I speak. “The other girl. The one you love.”
She grips my shoulders and looks into my eyes. “Anna, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re the only girl I could ever love.” Her eyes are open and honest. I am simultaneously confused and overjoyed.
“W-what? But… but you said… you said that I…”
“Shhhh…” She places a finger on my lips. “I don’t know what I said. I can’t even remember yesterday. You… you’ve filled me up…everywhere. I don’t…. you’re everything now.”
“…I am?” I can barely whisper. She nods, and I can feel the love in her eyes.
“So are you.”

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