phone call

He left a bloody fingerprint on the faceplate of the phone but brought it to his ear.

“Hey Gus, it’s Scott. I’m heading out of town for the weekend but give me a call on Monday and we can talk ab ba-BANG-click

Gus was about to erase the message but listened to it again – what was it at the end? it sounded like a door slamming, no not a door slamming… he smiled, pulled out his gun and hit the call button.

From inside the room he heard a quiet ring that quickly cut off. In his ear he heard “This is Scotty, leave me a message after the beep and I’ll call you back – if I feel like it ha-ha… beep”

“Here I come Scotty!” gus yelled and threw himself at the door. Pain hit Gus as his shoulder hit the frame the door was a lot more solid than he thought.

The phone hit the floor and bounced as Gus raised his foot and kicked at the battered door.

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