Rattlesnake Dick and The Lady

“Well, Rattlesnake,” the sheriff said as he carved a chaw. “Looks like you’re gonna meet yore maker soon.”

Workmen putting the finishing touches on the gallows outside the jail had gone home. Three days of their incessant hammering had fallen silent.

“Funny thing about that, " Rattlesnake Dick replied, reaching through the bars to retrieve the sheriff’s generous gift of tobacco. “Here I am the most notorious outlaw ever to ride the gold fields of Nevada County and you’re gonna try and hang me for stealing a mule I didn’t even steal.”

“Yeah.” The sheriff said flatly. “Funny thing.”

A commotion arose suddenly outside the jail. The sheriff looked out the window to see a beautifully clad lady in concert, standing atop the gallows, surrounded by an adoring crowd. A spontaneous song sung by an angel drifted on the air as she captured them one and all.

“That’ll be Kate,” said Dick, “come to save me from your rope with a song.” He chuckled to himself. “There goes your jury.”

All the sheriff could do was swear.

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