The Door At The End Of The Hallway

“This will be easy. I can handle this.”

The thief confidently and carefully checked the door for traps; drop-blades and hidden dart shooters were pretty common proactive anti-burglar devices and his party of three had already encountered a drop-swing-pendulum in an upper hallway.

“Can you pick the lock?” The warrior asked anxiously. He hadn’t had a combat encounter all day and was getting really antsy.

Fifteen minutes of concentrated fiddling later, the thief said, “No.”

“No?” exclaimed the warrior. “Whaddyou mean no?”

“Quiet!” The junior magician exclaimed in a hushed voice. “For Fezenclop’s sake! Are you trying to attract wandering monsters?”

“Bring ’em on.” muttered the warrior.

Both the thief and magician let out exasperated sighs. The warrior brushed them aside and said, “Let me show you how we do it where _I_come from.”

He backed up against the hallway wall opposite the door and ran at it, aiming all 286 pounds of bone and sinew and armor directly at its center. The crash was horrendous.

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