No Regrets

It took all of Ginger’s strength to pull the blanket over Opal’s face. She had really only lived a few days longer than she had originally intended. Neither of them had known about the devastating disease that had been residing within Mrs. Brausch’s body, nor for how long it had lived there.

Through the grief of the moment, Ginger held tightly to the idea that Opal had lived her last hours in happiness. She had expressed to Ginger that she was glad she had stopped her from tossing her useless shell off the cliff. And while Ginger had greatly enjoyed the time they had spent together this last week, she regretted that when it counted most, she ultimately could not save Opal’s life.

But Opal had no regrets. She valued her last moments with her new fairy friend. It was as though she had already passed on, and found that afterlife inhabited by small magical creatures.

Ginger felt a tiny hand on her shoulder.

“It’s time to go,” the fairy said solemnly. “You already have a new assignment.”

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