Repentance - Part VI

In a flash of light Gabriel appeared in the alley across town. The storms that were only flashing lightening and booming thunder at the church was now pouring rain all over Gabriel’s nice white suit.

“What the-?” Gabriel said out loud. He did not intend to be here.

“Did you see him?” A mysterious voice from behind Gabriel startled him. Gabriel turned around and saw a silhouette of someone. He couldn’t make it out who he was.

“See who?” Gabriel asked. “Who are you?”

“Ya’akov,” The mysterious stranger replied.

“Yes I saw him,” Gabriel said while wiping his hands over his suit which now was bone dry.

“Did he have him?”

“Yes, Michael’s in the church.”

“Good,” the stranger said.

“Who are you?!” Gabriel grew impatient.

“You can’t tell?” the stranger asked. Lightening immediately flashed across the night sky illuminating the stranger in all his glory.

Gabriel stood dumbfounded, he then dropped to his knees, “My Lord, Jesus, Son of The Most High, I’m sorry I didn’t know.”

Jesus smiled.

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