Broken Chip: the salsa is out of stock

I skimmed through the coupon section of the newspaper and noticed a discount on chips if you buy a certain brand of salsa with them. It makes sense. Matches come in pairs. Side by side. There can’t be a one-sided pair, it wouldn’t make sense.

Imagine the mind-set of a bag of chips that have not been given the chance to be dipped in their favorite salsa. One shudders to do so.

I drove to the grocery store and found my brand of chips. With utter excitement I reached for the last jar of salsa. That special kind with the habanero twist. Its the spiciest thing I’ve ever tasted!

But I realized that it had been taken years ago. I imagined another jar because I wanted to. Only a sign was in its place.

It is difficult to suppress the feelings that I have for this brand of salsa; that I have for you. All I am left to stare at is: ‘Out of stock,’ maybe it was the valentine’s weekend. It should be back soon.

And then, on that certain day, you told me: “happy valentine’s day,” and I died a little inside.

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